Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On a Budget? Here are some free tips on discounts on your favorite beauty supplies!

Every person has a budget. They have rent to pay, mortgages, car payments, incidentals, bills galore, etc. But most people don't factor in things like makeup & cosmetics. So what happens when you realize you have run out of your favorite $25.00 mascara that you got as a gift ? or you have always wanted to try that cool new M.A.C lip glass and spending $14.50 on one seems outrageous? Below are some tips on how to obtain discounts on your favorite makeup brands !

Everyone is always telling me that they love my makeup but just cant afford it. Of course I do get a huge discount on the 3 vendors that I use, but when I didn't get a discount, or when I want to obtain another brand I don't get discounts on, I too sigh at the price tags on some of the brands. Higher end brands of makeup typically cost more than the pharmacy store brands like Maybeline and Cover Girl, even though many of their products are just as amazing as the ones you find at the Chanel counter or in Sephora. However no matter what your budget allows for when it comes to the silly things like, moisturizers, makeup, hair supplies, etc. every person can enjoy the well known brands and not have to pay out the whazoo for them!

Here are some tips to be able to obtain discounts for makeup, lotions, & beauty supplies:

Sephora VIB Members: Whether you shop at Sephora yet or not, you can obtain a Beauty Insiders card from your very first purchase or sign up online. Even if this only means you are buying perfume, or lotions, you will get points towards becoming a VIB member. Once you have spent over $350.00 in one year you will automatically be entered into their VIB program. The perks you ask ? Aside from VIB coupons that you will receive every so often from 10% to 40% off of products, you will also get more free samples of makeup, access to makeup sets that only the VIB members can purchase, your the first to know of new brands or products coming out, you always get a free birthday gift in your birthday month, (which I have to say I have never been disappointed with), and you are eligible for free makeovers when they have those type of events. And who doesn't like a free makeover? The Sephora VIB program is incredible, and one of the best when it comes to the perks. So sign up today to be apart of their Beauty Insiders Rewards and start earning points to becoming that Very Important Beauty Insider that you are! Please go to the link below:

Ulta Rewards: Ulta is another store that not only sells high end brands of makeup, but also makeup you would find in the pharmacy stores, hair supplies, lotions, perfume, nail polish, and they also have a full service salon .There are two ways of obtaining rewards from Ulta. One is their Ultamate Rewards Program, and the other is The Club at Ulta Rewards Program. Both offer significant discounts and conveniences. You will get free coupons in the mail, earn points towards free rewards, and like Sephora, get free samples when ordering online. Please go here to check out and sign up for the Ulta Rewards, or stop in to an Ulta Store near you:

Smashbox Rewards: One of my favorite vendors I use when doing makeup is Smashbox. They are sold in Sephora stores, as well as Ulta, sometimes there is even a counter at Nordstroms. All of those discounts from those places work on their products. You just have to read and make sure that they are not excluded from the promotions at the time of purchase. However being a Smashbox Pro, I do recieve a ton of discounts and conveniences on this brand. So how can you as well ? If you sign up for the Pretty Points Rewards Program you will receive the following benefits:
  • Exclusive access to Lets do Lunch promotions and Final Call (sale) products
  • Free Rewards Certificates
  • Free Birthday Gift
  • Free Gift on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Bonus Deluxe Samples
On top of the normal free shipping and free sample with every order! Its a great way to shop for Smashbox products and enjoy the benefits of them! Please go to this link to sign up for the Smashobox Pretty Points Program:

M.A.C Perks: Unless you are a M.A.C Pro, most of the time you will not see M.A.C products on sale or discounted. However one thing that most people don't know about is the Back to M.A.C Program. Once you obtain 6 primary packaging containers, that are empty, you can mail them in or bring them to your nearest M.A.C store and you will receive your choice of a free lipstick, lip glass, or eye shadow. This could be an eyeshadow container, a lip gloss, lipstick, foundations, powders, blush, anything that comes in a primary packaging container. Check it out online or go to your local MAC store for more details:

Tip: This will only work if you bring them in to a M.A.C store or mail them in from the online address. Unfortunately the counters in Macy's, Nordstroms, Lord & Taylor, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc. will not be able to provide you with the free stuff.

These are just some tips on ways to get discounts on your favorite brands of makeup and cosmetic supplies. There are many more ways to save on cosmetics and every brand is always trying to get their names and products out there. Check out your favorite brands websites for their discount programs, and always keep a lookout for any discounts or promotions you can find!

Free Makeup Tip: I know a lot of times people often wonder if a product is really right for them. If they will like it, if their skin will react well to it, and if its truly the right color for their skin tone. You can always purchase a product and return it before the end of use for another one or your money back if it is not to your liking. However one tip that everyone should know is that if you do not want to spend the money up front on something you are not sure about, all you have to do is ask for a sample of the product. This will help you to see if its truly right for you, and every makeup brand is willing to give a small amount to prove just how good their products are. So next time you are in Sephora and just don't know if what you are looking at is right, ask one of the girls for a sample. This will last you anywhere from 2 weeks to a month and will help you determine if this product is right for you !

Something Extra: I talked a lot about being a Smashbox & M.A.C. Pro. If you would like information to see if you are eligible to become a Pro and get discounts on products, classes, free makeup tips, beauty trends, & more please go to the following links:

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