Thursday, April 26, 2012

Need a Great Makeup Gift for Your Makeup Mom? .. Mother's Day is Close!

Hi Everyone,
I know I promised my next post would be how to pick the perfect shade of red for spring & summer, and it will be up soon I promise, however I wanted to share this exciting new customized makeup kit and promo for Mother's Day from Smashbox Cosmetics!

A One of a Kind Mother's Day Gift:
For Mother's Day Smashbox is selling create your own makeup kits for Moms, with 20% off ! This is a one of of kind gift to give and the best way to get your mom in the hip trends of makeup, and not spending money on gifts you are not sure she will use, or love! With this customized kit, you can pick out the products you think your mom will use, already does use, or some you think she should try out. If you are not sure what products she should use, what she may like, or what type of style she portrays, Smashbox has broken down their makeup kits to reflect 5 categories that define the styles our Moms have. Once you chose which mom you are, have, or want to see her become, you can then customize the kit to the products you want:

1. Fashion Mom
2. Boho Mom
3. Hip Mom
4. Executive Mom
5. On- the- Go Mom

So go ahead and make your mom into the makeup fashionista you know she is, was, or will be!  or if you want to pick one up for yourself! Please go here to check out this exciting offer !

I just had to share !

Blogging soon on how to pick your favorite shade of Red ! I Promise !

                                                                                                  Thanks for following! 
                                                                                                                           - Natalie


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