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Welcome to Your Makeup Face Blog ! 
Your one stop guide to the latest makeup trends, products, reviews, tutorials, and questions!

Makeup can be a scary thing for most people,  my goal is to educate everyone on how you can look like you, just enhanced, by using the right tools, colors, and applications of makeup. About 2 years ago, I got the idea that I should create a way for people to learn how to use and apply makeup correctly, keep up with the new trends, & have a place to ask questions about makeup. Working in the industry as a freelance makeup artist for the past four years,  I am constantly being asked questions about the latest makeup trends, how to apply makeup, what colors to use, recommendations of vendors, etc. So I decided to create this blog to help with just that! I am also a huge trend setter, and I would love everyone to be up to date on whats hot in the makeup world now! I hope this blog will help anyone from the 16 year old girl learning how to wear and apply makeup, to the 90 year old grandmother that just wants to look like she still has some eyebrows left! Yes every person at every age can benefit from knowing some simple rules about makeup! 

For those of you planning weddings/events, watch out for my vendor spotlights, I will be featuring a new one each month! 

I hope you will enjoy this blog and all it has to offer, I welcome all feedback & questions, and please don't hesitate to share with others! 

Happy Blogging ! 

- Natalie