About Me

Natalie Lelless
Makeup Artist 
Boston, MA

 I have been a freelance makeup artist for the past 4 years, working in the makeup/ beauty industry for the past 9. I have experience working with anyone from brides/ wedding parties, to photographers, high profile clients, models,  friends, and on photo/ video shoots.  I am a Smashbox and M.A.C Pro. The three vendors that I use & work with the most are Smashbox, M.A.C, & Nars. However I do love all makeup !

I started working in Washington D.C., while going to school there,  at a small M.A.C store applying lips when I was 19 years old. Soon after they sent me to some schooling to learn more than just the basics of makeup application. From there I moved down to Tampa Florida, where I used work at Victoria's Secret Beauty. I headed up the Victoria's Secret Beauty Makeover Day. Which was a great success, and it really helped to show me that I wanted to continue to work and build my skills in the makeup industry. I did some freelance work while in Tampa, and even rendered my services for free personal training.  I would do my trainers makeup for photo shoots & competitions, and she would train me, and of course I have always been practicing on my friends for our girls nights out (who now tell me that they have the luxury of having their very own personal makeup artist)! After living in Tampa for 41/2 years I ended up moving to Chicago. While in Chicago a new makeup brand had been released on the market called Smashbox. I just so happen to have been in Sephora on the opening day of  the launch. With it being so packed, my friend asked me to help her try to apply some of the makeup products they had. At that moment, I didn't realize that I was being scouted and I was quickly approached by the District manager for Smashbox Midwest. She asked me where I had learned my skills and I soon became a freelance makeup pro for them.  After returning to the Boston area in 09 I decided to start to branch off on my own. That is when Your Makeup Face was born!

Since I was a little girl I have loved makeup and anything that has to do with it. My next door neighbor growing up was a Lancome Manager & aside from her doing my makeup for all my proms, she taught me to love makeup, how to apply it correctly, and how to have fun with it.  Even in college I had a roommate who was obsessed with M.A.C (I believe she still is & works in the beauty industry as well). She was the only person I would allow to do my eye makeup, since I was the one always doing everyone else, and I owe her credit for helping me enjoy & love makeup even more. Makeup is definitely my passion and my artistic release. I am certified in many different areas of makeup, but most importantly its something that I love to be able to help people with and educate them on. There is nothing better than seeing a bride look at herself for the first time in the mirror and saying to me, "OMG I look beautiful, I'm glowing, I cant believe how you have made feel & look." Its priceless! & one of the top reasons why this is my passion! 

I have been so blessed with the opportunities I have had in the industry, and have been able to work with some amazing clients & vendors (that I will be featuring on this blog), that have helped in my success through referrals, and even featuring me on their own blogs & websites. This is my turn to return the favor to them ! 

Photography provided by: Leah Haydock Photography @ www.leahhaydock.com