Saturday, May 12, 2012

That's a Wrap!

Hey Everyone,
Today I wrapped up the 1.5  day photo shoot that I was chosen to go to LA to do makeup for. It was such an amazing opportunity and experience and I am so thankful for it. It was very educating as well and gave me more of an appreciation for what I love to do. I also have the utter most respect for the clients that have to do photo shoots and how hard it is for them to work at making sure they get the perfect shot. Sure the beauty team makes them up to look the way they do, so how hard can it be ? right? Well I have to say standing in front of a camera for hours posing and smiling, or dealing with fans blowing on you, or water being thrown in your face to get that sexy wet look, is not as easy as it seem and it makes for a long tough day for everyone ! I also have to say it was a pleasure getting to work with everyone, & the clients that this photo shoot was for, were not only kind, down to earth, and complimentary towards everyone, they were also very appreciative of all the hard work that was put in !

I was not allowed to take pictures inside the studio while on set,  but below are pics of outside the studio. Enjoy and thanks for following !!
Smashbox Studios Lot 2
Stage 2

After a Break Arriving back on Set

Parking for cast & crew only!

Smashbox Main Studio Offices

Stage 2 again
That's a Wrap, all packed up & ready to leave! So grateful for the opportunity !



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  1. That's so cool! Nice meeting you at Rock Your Blog last night Natalie, hope we can work together one day!